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Kentucky Celebrity Cookbooks posted on 12/18/2008 11:10:37 AMReply
Roger Bingham's favorite recipe

Hi Roger,

The celebrity cookbook, which you contributed a recipe (Edna's Blackberry Cake) is complete. The cookbook “Favorite Recipes of Kentucky Celebrities” has over 300 recipes from local and national personalities, highly visible Kentucky businesses, artist, writers, athletes, sportsmen, actors, musicians, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, notable events and places. (I have a list of contributors at the end of the e-mail). The publisher released it Monday, Nov 24. Just in time for the holidays.

My goal is to use the cookbook as a fundraiser for non-profit and charitable organizations. Fifty percent of any individual copies I sell will be given to local Paducah charities. The other fifty percent is to cover my cost. It is also my gift to any non-profit organization, which would like to use it as a fundraiser. If you know of an organization, which would be interested in selling the cookbook as a fundraiser, I would love to help them with it. I feel God has blessed me and this is a way I can give back to the community.

Some examples of organizations planning to sell the cookbook are the International Bluegrass Museum, the Kentucky Derby Museum, and the Kentucky History Center, which plan to sell it in their gift shops.

There are several organizations including Immanuel Lutheran Church in Murray, Kentucky, Grand Rivers Tourism, and Friends of Daniel Boone National Forrest, that are going to sell it through a prepaid fundraiser. They are going to take orders, collect the money, and then pay me for my cost.

In addition, several groups are going to sell it during a festival or community event such as Bluegrass Balloon Festival and Penn Stores Outhouse Blowout Race (It is carried on ESPN!) J

If you would like to use the cookbook as a fundraiser or would just like an individual copy, please feel free to contact me. If you would like an individual copy, they are $19.95 each with $2.95 for shipping. If you would like 3 or more copies, the shipping would be $2.00 each. I have been working on this project for a several years and I hope it will be a great way to help various organizations all across Kentucky.

Again, thank you for sending a recipe and God’s blessings.

Pam Whinnery
5754 Lovelaceville Rd.
Paducah, KY 42001


Recipe Contributors

A Personal Touch (Artist Studio)
A Taste Of Kentucky (Ky Made Products)
Abraham Lincoln Memorial Library/Museum
Ace Folk Festival
Actors Theatre of Louisville
Aircastle Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Aleksander House (Bed & Breakfast)
American Quilter’s Society
Ashland, Kentucky
Asman, Bub (Oscar Winning Sound Editor)
Azur Restaurant
Banana Tree Studio (Artist Studio)
Banks, Pat (Artist)
Barkley, Alben (U.S. Vice-President)
Barlow House Museum
Barton, Teresa (Judge Executive)
Battle of Perryville
Baur House (Bed & Breakfast)
BB Riverboats
Beaton, Ron (Television Anchor)
Beaumont Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Belew, Adrian (Professional Rock Guitarist)
Bell of Louisville
Bell Sisters (Professional Singers)
Bella Notta (Restaurant)
Belski, Ron (Emmy award winning meteorologist)
Benedict, Jennie (Restaurant Founder)
Berea College
Berea Spoonbread Festival
Berea Shady Lane (Bed & Breakfast)
Bertram, Gary (Artist)
Beshear, Steve (Governor)
Biagi, Peter (cinematographer)
Bingham, Roger (Television’s Survivor)
Blair, Ron (Film Producer)
Blake, Toni (Author)
Bluegrass Balloon Festival
Boone Tavern
Bottrell, David (Actor / Screenwriter)
Boyd, Stephen (Professional Speaker)
Bramble Ridge Orchard
Brass Lantern (Restaurant)
Broadbent Country Hams
Broad Run Vineyards
Brown, W. Earl (Actor)
Brune, Ray (Emmy & Peabody Winning Producer)
Buffalo Trace Distillery
Burmester, Leo (Actor)
Burnette, Dr. Sonny (Musician / Educator)
Burr, Lonnie (Mouseketeer / Actor)
Burton, Lance (Magician)
Cabin Creek Band
Camp Nelson Heritage Park
Canaan Land Farms (Bed & Breakfast)
Carr, Trent (Rock Musician)
Carson Center
Carter Cave Resort Park
Cave Run Muskie (Fishing Guide)
Cayce, Edgar (Medical Clairvoyant)
Center for Appalachian Studies
Chapman, Steve Curtis (Grammy & Dove Award Winning Musician)
Chapman-Crane, Jeff (Artist)
Chestnut Tree Gallery
Christian Way Farms
Christopher’s (Bed & Breakfast)
Cobb, Irvin S. (Writer / Journalist)
Coffee Tree Cabin (Bed & Breakfast)
Columbus Belmont State Park
Completely Kentucky (Ky Made Products)
Cook, Bob C. (Actor/Director)
Cook, Julian (NPR, CBC, Armed Forces Radio Commentator)
Corvette Homecoming
Creekside Treasures (Artist Studio)
Cross, Paul (Producer/ Director)
Cyrus, Billy Ray & Miley (Actor/actress & Musicians)
Daniel Boone National Forest
Daniel Boone Outdoor Drama
Davidson’s Studios
De Paiva, Kassie (Actress)
Dept. of Ag./ Rick Farmer (Professional Basketball Player)
Diamond Caverns
Dinsmore Homestead
Dippin Dot Ice Cream
Doodles Studios
Dot & Dash (Professional Dancers)
Drawing Board Farms
Driver, Jim (Restaurant Founder)
Duncan House (Bed & Breakfast)
Dudgeon, Amy (Actress)
Durbin, Justin (Cinematic Composer & Digital Artist)
Dyszel, Dick (Emmy Award Winning Television Host)
Eight of August Homecoming
Ellis Park Racetrack
Elmore, Larry (Comic Book & Science Fiction Artist)
Evans Orchard
Evans, Dale (Singer & Actress)
Everly Brothers (Musicians)
Executive West Hotel
Explorium of Lexington (Science Museum)
Farewell Drifters (Musicians)
Farr, Sidney (Author)
First Farm Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Fletcher, Ernie (Governor)
Fleming County
Ford, Clint (CEO of Ford Creative Media)
Ford Motor Co.
Fordville Days
Four Roses Distillary
Frances BBQ
Frontier Christmas Ball
Gallary House (Bed & Breakfast)
Gateway (Bed & Breakfast)
Gayle, Crystal (Singer)
General Butler State Park
Georgetown College
Glier Goetta Festival
Good OL Days (Restaurant)
Grand Rivers Hunter’s Moon Festival
Gray, T.L. (Author)
Grapevine Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Griffith, D. W. (Producer / Director)
Grisanti’s (Restaurant)
Gutierrez, Suzanne (Actress & Casting Director)
Hall, Tom T. (Singer)
Harper Country Hams
Harrods Creek Baptist Church
Hayden, Nick (Moto GP Racing Champion)
Hearld, Tim (Hunting / Fishing Guide)
Heartland Dulcimer Club
Heaven Hill Distillery
Helm House (Bed & Breakfast)
Henry, Heather French (Miss America)
Higgs, Liz Curtis (Author)
Hill, Erin (Actress, Composer, & Musician)
Hillcrest Collectables (Artist /Basket Maker)
Hillbilly Days Gospel Jubilee
Historic Crescent-Hill 4th July Celebration
Holder, Cindy (Gospel-Recording Artist)
Homestead (Bed & Breakfast)
Honorable Order of the Kentucky Colonel
Hummel, Hollie (Actress)
Ice House Gallery
Inn at Woodhaven (Bed & Breakfast)
International Bluegrass Music Museum
J.D. Legends (Restaurant)
Jailer’s Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Jefferson Davis State Historic Site
Jewish Hospital
Jeffery, Terry Mike (Musician)
Johnston, Annie Fellows (Author)
Jones, Jennifour (Actress & Producer)
Jones, Ken (Playwright & Screenwriter)
Jones, Loyal (Author)
Jones, Sandy (Mayor)
Jubilee in the Breaks
Judd, Ashley (Actress)
Judd, Naomi (Singer)
Judeen’s Art Gallery
Kavanaugh House (Bed & Breakfast)
Keeneland Thoroughbred Racetrack
Kentucky Aquaculture
Kentucky Corn Growers Association
Kentucky Cove Restaurant
Kentucky Derby Festival
Kentucky Derby Museum
Kentucky Down Under
Kentucky Gateway Museum
Kentucky Headhunters (Muscians)
Kentucky High School Invitational Rodeo
Kentucky History Center
Kentucky Poultry Growers Asso.
Kentucky Soybean Association
Klotter, Jim (Kentucky State Historian)
Labrot & Graham Distillery
Land Between the Lakes
Lanmark Farms
Last Call (Film Festival)
Lavender Hills Farm
Lawson, Shannon (Musician)
Lebanon Tourist Commission
Ledford, Colista (Musician)
Ledford, Homer (Musician and Musical instrument Maker)
Lewis, Ron (U.S. Representative)
Lilly’s Bistro
Lincoln Jamboree
Lincoln Museum
Locust Grove (Historic Home)
London Drag way
Louisville Chorus
Magee’s Bakery
Makers Mark Distillery
Mantle Rock (Native American Historic Site)
Maple Hill (Bed & Breakfast)
Maple Hill Manor (Bed & Breakfast)
Market House Theatre
Mason County
Mason, Bobbie Ann (Author)
May, William I. (Mayor)
May’s Lick Asparagus Festival
McAtee, Robert (Actor)
McCall, Joan (Screenwriter)
McConnell, Mitch (US Senator)
McCord, Catherine (fashion model & actress)
McCreary County Museum
McDowell House Museum
Melde, Merri (Equine photographer)
Metropolitan Hotel
Mid-Continent College
Monroe, Bill (Musician)
Montgomery, John Michael (Musician)
Morse, Ro
Mosher, Matthew (Cinematographer)
Moth, Sean (U of L Sports Information)
Mountain Art Center
Mountain Homeplace
Murray Spring Classic Car Show
Murray, Ann (Professional Speaker)
Nash, J. Richy (Actor / Writer)
National Corvette Homecomeing
National Quilt Museum
National Society 0f Sons of the American Revolution
National Softball Association
Natural Bridge State Park
New Coon Creek Girls
Norman, Cheryl (Author)
Northup, Anne (U.S. Representative)
Old Bardstown Village
Old Friend’s Equine
Old Governor’s Mansion
Old Kentucky Candy
Old Kentucky Dinner Train
Old Talbert Inn (Restaurant)
Owsley, Becca (Feature Writer)
Parker, Fess (Actor)
Parrish, Julie (Actress)
Payne, Reagan (Actress / Writer)
Pearson, Monica (Emmy Award Winning Television Anchor)
Penn Store
Pennyroyal Museum
Perdew, Kelly (Winner Donald Trump’s Apprentice)
Petrino, Bobby (Professional & College Football Coach)
Pilkington, Bob (Freelance Producer & Director)
Pine Mountain Settlement
Pinecrest Park Resort
Poke Salad Festival
Pollard, Stu (Producer / Writer)
Proof on Main (Restaurant)
Quail Hollow Candle Factory
Rebecca Ruth Candy
Red Dog & Company (Custom Made Chairs)
Red Mile (Harness Racing Track)
Reherman, Lee (Professional Football Player / Actor)
Rickman, Tom (Screenwriter/Director)
Rock, Joanne (Author)
Rogers, Jeff (Professional Photographer)
Rollins, Kenneth (Gold Medallist & Professional Basketball Player)
Rollins, R.M. (Artist)
Roof, Phil (Professional Baseball Player & Coach)
Rose Hill Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Ruth Hunt Candy
Ryan, Jeri/ Christophe Eme (Actress/ Executive Chef)
Sawyier, Paul (Artist)
Scope, John (Educator)
Scott Hams
Shaker Museum South Union
Shumpert, Terry (Professional Baseball Player)
Simon, Alex (Screenwriter /Magazine Editor)
Sims, Mollie (Actress / Fashion Model)
South Central Cultural Center
Sowders, Tillie (Artist)
Speed Museum
Spindletop Hall
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Stephenson, John (Ky. State Supt. of Education)
Stewart, Redd (Musician)
Stewart, Sharon (Author)
Stone, Conway (Professional speaker / Author)
Stonefence Bistro
Storybook Inn (Bed & Breakfast)
Swann’s Nest (Bed & Breakfast)
Thunder Over Louisville
Toad Hollow Vineyard
Tools, Bob (1st Artificial Heart Implant Recipient)
Tomlin, Lilly (Actress / Comedian)
Toyota Motor Co.
Tribble, Kipp (Actor, Writer, & Producer)
Valley of the Wind Art Gallery
Varanse (Restaurant)
Varden’s Café
Vinzenzo’s (Restaurant)
Warren, Robert Penn (Author)
Wehrmann, Art (Executive Chef)
Weisenberger Mills
Welch, Brewier (Actor)
Weller Haus (Bed & Breakfast)
Whitehaven Welcome Center
Whistle Stop Café
White Hall
Whitfield, Ed (U.S. Representative)
Wickliffe Mounds (Native American Site)
Wild Turkey Distillery
Wolf Creek Dam
Wood, Tom (Actor)
Woody’s on Main (Restaurant)
Yarmuth, John (U.S. Representative)
Yoakam, Dwight (Musician /Actor)

Rodger Bingham
P.O. Box 461
Crittenden, KY 41030
Fax# 859-428-0568

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