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Franklee posted on 3/30/2002 11:02:43 PMReply
a Rodger Bingham fan say hello from China

Hello everybody, i am from China, this TV program "survivor" is shown on CCTV-2(China Central TV-2 ) now, I like it very very much, and watch it every night. And I also like this "Kentucky Joe" very much. I think they shoul come to China to have a party with Chinese audiences and fans. Can I get Rodger's mail address? Can you tell me , Sandra Dee and rodger_binghams_biggest_fan? My mail address is My name is Frank Lee.Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon.

Tcsphoto posted on 3/31/2002 11:05:39 AMReply
RE: a Rodger Bingham fan say hello from China

Greetings there Fan from China, I'm a neighbor of this person that they call Kentucky Joe, for his mailing address you should be able to view it on your computer screen, check above the prayer list and write to that address and that would hook you up with Rodger, I'm sure he be delighted to hear from you. I've got photos of Rodger in his hometown. If you want to view some of his photos you can visit it at and go to the survivor page to see him. Write him and He will respond I'm sure. May take some time but he will write.

Franklee posted on 3/31/2002 6:01:05 PMReply
RE: a Rodger Bingham fan say hello from China

Thanks a lot! I will try!

Sandra Dee posted on 4/1/2002 9:11:59 AMReply
RE: a Rodger Bingham fan say hello from China

Where is this email address. I don't see one.

Fan Forever,
Avenue JOe

Rodger Bingham
P.O. Box 461
Crittenden, KY 41030
Fax# 859-428-0568

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