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MargieMix posted on 4/9/2002 12:24:19 PMReply
Hello again Rodger Fans

Just Me, Ms. MargieMix again, checking in to say hello! It looks like this new episode of Survivor had a few Christians in its midst, although I am very disappointed over Sean's first stand as a Christian and then how his actions contradicted himself. "V" looks like she is a true gal... but only time will tell.

How is everyone doing? Great news here! Hubby and I are expecting our first baby November 2, 2002! We are so excited!!

I have a question, how many teenager are here posting? Jon and I are teen leaders in our church and I was wondering how old everyone here is?

Well, gotta run. God Bless everyone!


Franklee posted on 4/10/2002 9:45:51 PMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

Hello, I am 28 years old, I am from China.

MargieMix posted on 4/11/2002 8:37:20 AMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

Hi Franklee, Nice to meet you! I'm 34 and live in Savannah, Georgia USA. How is the weather over there? =O)

Tcsphoto posted on 4/11/2002 1:46:54 PMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

Greetings there, 32 years of age herel. Live right down the road from Rodger. Good luck with your group.

Sandra Dee posted on 4/11/2002 6:11:05 PMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

Hi am Krystle. I am 17 years old. I'm from Florence KY.

Fan Forever,
Avenue Joe

Franklee posted on 4/11/2002 10:16:34 PMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

the whether here is very fine now, the summer time is coming. There is a jade festival here this week.

MargieMix posted on 4/12/2002 10:52:59 AMReply
RE: Hello again Rodger Fans

Hi TCS, with Rodger right down the road you must live in a great neighborhood!! I wish I could say the same, but I'm moving on the first... still in Savannah but to a nicer and prettier neighborhood.

Hi Krystal! 17 and are you in your Senior year of H.S? Gosh, what I would give to have those days back!! I'd have to say my HS and college years were the greatest!! I hope the same for you!

...and Hi again Franklee! A Jade festival sounds like fun!! We have Watermelon, Onion, Peach and Pecan festivals here. Even a "Redneck Olympics!" The weather has been rainy though, but you know what they say "April Showers brings May flowers."

Geez, I'm surprized to find only one teenager in here... Thats good.. 'cause now I don't feel so old anymore.


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