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mac27 posted on 1/13/2004 9:33:36 AMReply
Where is KY Joe on All Star Survivor

Does anyone have a reason why Rodger is not on the All Star Survivor series?
I thought he would have been one of the producer's first choice. Maybe Rodger
declined? Just thought I would ask. you can email me at if
you have heard the lastest. Thanks.

kent posted on 8/18/2004 8:05:20 AMReply
RE: Where is KY Joe on All Star Survivor

Hello Mac:

Kentucky Joe here and yes, I did get very close to making it on the reunion show. They had picked 24 of us that they were considering and told me that they would pick the final 18 out of this group. I had to take the physical agian, sign all of the liability papers and even write a paper as to how I would play the game again if selected. As you know, I did not make the final cut and to tell the truth, I was very disappointed about not making it. I had REALLY trained hard last fall. Hope all is well with you.
Kentucky Joe

Rodger Bingham
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